Step by Step Immigration Physicals in New Britain

For those trying to get U.S citizenship,  there are multiple steps at various locations one must go through before completing the medical portion of the immigration process. The immigration physical can often be a long and drawn out process as well. Here at AFC Urgent Care New Britain we felt it important to offer a streamlined, affordable, step by step immigration

 At AFC Urgent Care New Britain, USCIS Drs. Ifthikar Ali and Evangeline Specht are available to meet the needs of the immigration population in the New Britain, Avon, Farmington, Plainville and Berlin  with immigration and green card exams as well as information on travel medicine and vaccines. Our board certified providers are available to sit down with travelers and review their travel plans while making recommendations on how to stay healthy.

In addition to being convenient and affordable, the AFC Urgent Care Team is made up of staff members who are not only well equipped to work with the immigrant population, but who also understand the emotional component of naturalization. It brings all of us great satisfaction to help educate them and navigate this piece of their journey. 

best-place-for-immigration-physicals-afc-urgent-care-new-britainOwner Tom Kelly agrees through his dedication in making sure that “Every patient who comes to us for their immigration physical is given a warm welcome and a big smile. It is our number one goal to make this process as easy and pleasant as possible.” To prevent any hassle and save you and your family extra trips to our center, our immigration physical page is stocked with information to ensure you bring the proper documentation and information each of your visits.

To take advantage of our immigration physicals, call us today in New Britain and speak with one of our medical professionals: 860.357.6899. We look forward to helping you achieve the citizenship you dream about!

You can save time and ensure time is set for your immigration physical by checking in online.