5 Halloween Health and Safety Tips And Tricks 2019

Halloween is just around the corner and everyone is excited for some scary fun! As many of us participate in Halloween festivities like trick or treating, parties and dressing up in scary costumes, we often forget about the dangers that can come with Halloween night. While most kids can’t wait to fill their bags with sugary treats, many parents worry about food allergies, trips and falls and traffic dangers. But, don’t let these dangers spook you out of a fun Halloween night. AFC Urgent Care New Britain is here to guide you through the trick or treat trail with 5 Halloween health tips and tricks this 2019.

5 tips and tricks to keeping your kids safe and healthy this Halloween

    1. Costume wisely: Avoid choosing costumes that are over-sized, dark, and have hoods or masks that block the eyes. Choosing lighter colored costumes can help your child be seen in the dark. You can also give your child a flashlight and put reflective tape on their costumes so that vehicles can see your child in the streets
    2. Driving and street safety: If you plan on driving please do not use your phone! At all!! Put your phone in the glovebox or have your passengers use it for you. Texting or changing a song while driving is not worth it. Watch your speed and make sure to watch out for children who may run into the streets. If you plan on driving your kid from house to house, make sure everyone buckles up no matter how short the trip is. If you plan on walking, please use crosswalks and do not assume you have the right of way, even if you do. Always pay attention and look both ways before crossing. 
    3. Inspect your kids candy: Don’t assume that every piece of candy is fresh, new and safe for your child. It is best to inspect all candy at the end of the night when returning home. If your child has food allergies always carry an auto-injectable epinephrine pen with you. Don’t accept any foods that are handmade unless they’re from someone you know, and who knows your child and their possible allergies. You can teach your child to politely say no to certain candy and foods.
    4. Set ground rules: If your child is old enough to go trick or treating by themselves set a curfew. Don’t be afraid to set the rules. Plan and review a route that is acceptable to you and agree on a specific time when they should return home. 
    5. Stay hydrated: Families are normally rushing for last minute Halloween shopping and costume preparation for their kids that they often forget about hydration. Remember to stay hydrated throughout the day so that your child will avoid being dehydrated after a long night of walking.

AFC Urgent Care New Britain is Halloween ready for you!

Always remember to wash your hands frequently and especially when you and your little ones return from trick or treating. Flu season has already started and If you haven’t visited your doctor for your yearly flu shot come stop by and one of our health care providers can vaccinate you. At AFC Urgent Care New Britain you can walk right in, no appointment necessary, to any of our walk-in clinics. We are located at 135 East Main Street, New Britain CT 06051. Our locations are open 7 days a week and ready to treat you. We accept most insurances.