Why am I so tired during the holidays 2019

Winter is finally here and It’s a wrap for 2019! 

As we end this year with celebrations that bring families and friends together we often forget about our needs and physical health. The holidays can be joyous, but at the same time stressful and tiring. End of the year burn out is a real thing as our days can be consumed with gift shopping, working hard and being with loved ones. This burn out often leads to fatigue both during and after the holidays.

AFC Urgent Care New Britain understands that the season can be exhausting for people. But, to help answer the common question “Why am I so tired during the holidays 2019” we have many reasons that can explain your tiredness.

I’m not getting enough sunlight

This is an easy one. During the winter we have shorter days and longer nights. As many of us are inside for longer stretches of time, we often forget about a special vitamin we need for energy and vitality. Vitamin D is a vitamin we can get from certain foods, however, we mainly get it from the sun rays beaming over us. Not getting enough sunlight may cause someone to become deficient in Vitamin D levels. If someone lacks Vitamin D they may experience weakness and muscle fatigue. As Vitamin D helps our immune systems, bone and muscle strength, a lack of it can cause us to feel fatigued, sometimes depressed and to get sick more easily.

Seasonal Affective Disorder can be tiring…and then some

SAD is often called the seasonal blues. It’s a disorder that can cause symptoms of tiredness, depression and weight gain. SAD usually is often tied into a Vitamin D deficiency and usually manifests during late autumn and winter, but can occur during any season. Seasonal affective disorder can affect anyone during the holidays as this time of year can be stressful, cold and dark out. It’s not uncommon for someone suffering from seasonal affective disorder to turn to alcohol and excessive food consumption in order to cope. If you or someone you know is showing signs and symptoms of SAD it is best to get a medical diagnosis from a health professional

Too many carbs and a ton of alcohol can make you tired

We often celebrate the holidays with alcohol and holiday treats. As many of us can over indulge in these categories, having too much can interfere with someone’s normal sleep schedule. Sugary why-am-I-so-tired-during-the-holidays-2019-afc-urgent-care-new-britaintreats before bed can keep you up at night leaving you restless the next day. In addition to this, consuming too much alcohol throughout the day can make you sleepy. You might find yourself taking too many naps throughout the day, which can also ruin your normal sleep schedule. Cutting back on the two can benefit anyone trying to get a good night’s rest.

But, I’m still tired what else could it be?

Getting blood work done is an easier way to rule out what could be causing your tiredness. Blood work like TSH with reflex FT4, CBC, and CMP are tests that can determine whether or not your organs are functioning properly. These tests are important because your vital organs like the kidneys, liver, thyroid and heart help your body function. If there is an imbalance in one or more of these areas it can cause you to feel weak, fatigued and tired. 

TSH with reflex FT4 blood tests help check your thyroid regulation. Any imbalance can mean that your body is having issues with metabolism, heart function and fatigue. CBC and CMP are tests that measure the blood count numbers and substances in your blood. Regulation of blood is important to and from your vital organs like the kidneys and liver. Any irregularities can cause symptoms of tiredness and more. 

Get your blood levels checked at our AFC New Britain Center

AFC Urgent Care New Britain is your number one local urgent care that can help check your blood levels for tiredness. As your service provider, we can help point you in the right direction if we find you have any irregularities in your blood levels. With no appointment needed, stop by our walk-in clinic located at 135 East Main Street, New Britain CT 06051. We’re open 7 days a week and ready to treat you. We accept most insurances.