What To Do If Your Christmas Tree Is Making You Sick

Twas, the night before Christmas and all through the house every creature was stirring including…your itchy nose?

Do you find yourself sneezing with a runny nose and itchy eyes once the tree is up? You could have a case of “Christmas Tree Syndrome.” Christmas trees help set the holiday mood with twinkling lights, shiny ornaments and the scent of pine. In many cases, however,  once the tree gets into your home the mold on the tree begins reproducing, which can trigger an allergic reaction known as “Christmas Tree Syndrome.”

What can you do to prevent Christmas Tree Syndrome (or at least make it bearable):

With a fake tree:what-to-do-if-your-christmas-tree-is-making-you-sick-afc-urgent-care-new-britain

  • Be careful decorating with spray snow (aerosol chemicals can cause reactions)
  • Properly store the tree away from dust and dirt in the off season
  • Wipe down the tree and any ornaments/decorations before putting them up

With a real tree:

  • Avoid touching the sap with your skin (cover up with gloves and long sleeves)
  • Before bringing the tree inside: shake it out and spray with water to help remove pollen and mold.
  • Let the tree stump rest in water and dry outdoors for a few days to prevent mold growth

After Christmas: 

When the holidays are over, you should remove the tree from your home as soon as you can so that you can avoid pollen and possible mold growth.

AFC New Britain is here to help you this season

If you think you or a loved one has Christmas Tree Syndrome, bring them into our New Britain AFC urgent care center at 135 East Main Street New Britain, CT. We’re open seven days a week, no appointment needed. Questions? Give us a call at 860-357-6899.

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Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday!