Reasons Why You Should Get Outside and Walk Everyday

Walking outside everyday can have benefits on your overall physical and mental health. Even if you live in a cold climate, walking outside can make you feel good on the coldest days. For other tips to improving your overall health, visit AFC Urgent Care New Britain. We offer all urgent and preventative care services to all patients in the New Britain area. 

Walking Improves your Mental Health

Taking a walk after a stressful event or situation can help calm you down. Stressful situations happen everyday between working during a pandemic, personal problems, and even just daily life. Going for walks can help you maintain mental control over these situations by raising your heart rate and bringing your stress levels down. Maintaining stress levels is known to reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack later in life. Even mild exercise releases endorphins that can help reduce depression or seasonal depression, which will make you happier and more stress-free. 

Walking can be a form of meditation for some people. Instead of sitting in silence and working on your breathing, going for a walk and listening to a podcast or audiobook can help you maintain focus and live an overall healthier life.

Physical Fitness Increases

In addition to mental health, walking everyday can help you lose weight. Walking at least 30 minutes daily is one of the best and easiest ways to lose weight. Adults who walk everyday have a lower body fat percentage than adults who do not. Walking is also easier on muscles and joints than running. It can help ease lower back pain and increase your overall metabolism. 

Walking is also known to improve your overall quality of sleep. It helps keep you energized and focused on tasks while awake, making you more tired at night and able to sleep throughout the night. The best way to get over an afternoon slump is by going for a walk, even more so than a second cup of coffee. 

Walking Reduces the Carbon Footprint

Walking to a destination instead of driving does not add pollution to the air. It also adds fresh air to your lungs, which is especially beneficial if you work from home. Fresh air is known to help you breathe better and feel better overall.

Walking with friends to destinations can also help you save money on gas or Ubers. By walking to the grocery store or other places, you are not only getting exercise but contributing to a healthier environment and saving money on gas for your car. Adding challenges like this to your day will make you stronger and happier in the end.