Types of Preventative Care at AFC Urgent Care New Britain

When flu season approaches, preventative care is there to make sure you do not get sick. Vaccinations and healthy lifestyle choices can help keep you safe and healthy before illness ever strikes. Additionally, annual physicals and screenings can catch diseases before they get worse. Visit AFC Urgent Care New Britain for all emergency and preventative care

What is Preventive Care?

Prevention from illness, diseases, and injury fall under preventative care. The primary purpose of preventive care is to maintain a person’s health before they develop any condition. Preventive care will keep you active and productive. Furthermore, it involves the identification of the risk factors at early stages. Numerous people die due to preventable health conditions. Hence, you can avoid suffering from chronic diseases through early identification or prevention. Vaccinations, physicals, and routine check-ups are all considered preventative care. 

What is considered urgent Preventive Care?

Different medical tests and family history helps in preventive care. A health care provider will identify the possible diseases that you are susceptible to. For this, they need your family’s medical history, which outlines the prevalence or absence of genetic diseases such as heart problems or diabetes. After determining which conditions are common in your family, they will suggest blood and other tests. Once they receive the results, they will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle so as to reduce any risks of developing these conditions.

The health care professionals will carefully analyze your health condition, personal history, and family medical history. Your preventative care depends on your age and gender. From the time children are born and until they are five years of age, they need immunizations, height and weight analysis, and developmental screening. Once they turn six, the health care professional will go through developmental assessments till they are twelve. However, for women, they will require Pap tests and breast exams. They will run cholesterol and colon cancer screening to identify the possible health condition they might develop as adults. 

Why is Preventive, Urgent Care Beneficial?

There are numerous benefits of preventive, urgent care. Some of the common are cost-effectiveness, activeness, and early analysis of health conditions. A professional preventive health care provider will inspect your health condition in various possible ways. They will guide you in detail about the condition that you are at risk of developing. Then they will educate you on preventive techniques and tips.

Types of Preventive Care

Here are some types of preventive care and methods to identify risk factors for certain conditions:

  • Blood pressure tests
  • Diabetes screening
  • Cholesterol tests
  • Routine vaccinations
  • Cancer screenings
  • STI screenings
  • Mental health screenings
  • Well-child visits


The goal of preventive care at urgent care is to improve people’s lifestyles so they are at low risk of developing preventable diseases. When the health care professional identifies and prevents the conditions you might develop at early stages, you develop a healthy and active routine and able to live longer.