Family Care

It can tough for parents to drive their children to all the extracurricular activities they participate in these days. Between sports, music lessons, clubs, and tutoring, it’s easy for parents to forget when it’s time to take their children to the doctor for their annual physical. However, it’s incredibly important for children to see a family physician at least once a year.

You may find that your family’s go-to physician is booked for weeks by the time you schedule your child’s appointment. While this may be acceptable for check-up, injuries and illnesses arise unexpectedly. For these occasions, AFC Urgent Care New Britain is your number one option for health services. With a team made up of board-certified physicians and fully-licensed medical providers, we have the resources necessary to administer a range of family care medical services.

These family care services include:

If you’re interested in our family care services, visit us any day of the week, as we’d be more than happy to accommodate you and your children.